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    Travel mistakes you must avoid

    Travel mistakes you must avoid

    Travelling can be fun and exciting, but there are some mistakes that can make your trip turn into a nightmare. Planning is very important especially if you don’t want any problem during your trip. In this article, we are going to be looking at some travel mistakes that can potentially ruin your trip.


    It can be tempting to bring a good number of outfits when traveling. In other to carry more clothes, you are going to need a bigger luggage. Carry a bigger luggage comes with a lot of problems. For starters, you are going find it very difficult to move around while carrying a big luggage. Another challenge you may have to deal with when you carry a very large luggage is that you may have to pay extra fee especially when it exceeds the normal weight limit.


    Tripatricks Overpaking (Travel mistakes you must avoid)

    In the end, you are going to find out that most of the things you packed are not really useful. So before you travel, do well to give a thought to each item you are carrying. If you feel an item is a dead load then let it go.


    Not grabbing some local currency

    Forgetting to grab some local currency while at the airport can make things very difficult for you. Of course, there are bound to be other ATM in the city you are visiting. But getting to these areas can very difficult especially if you don’t have cash on you. What you should do in order not to get into this tight situation is to get to some local currency when you get to the airport. The ATMs at the airport usually gives a better exchange rate, especially when compared to others you might find in the city. Another thing you need to have at the back of your mind is that there are some places in your travel location that don’t accept ATM, so ensure that you have cash on you at all times.

    Tripatricks Currency Travel mistakes you must avoid

    Packing too many activities into one trip

    One thing you should have in mind before traveling is that you cannot visit all the landmarks and exotic location in a single visit, especially if you don’t want to end up wasted and burned out. What you should do therefore is focus on one or two activities. Another thing you should do is to create time for your own relaxation.

    Final note

    Always remember that a good trip is a matter of planning on time, the right timing and after all your safety.  


    Source: www.directoryoutdoor.net




    Fitness bracelet or smart watch- choose with us!

    Fitness bracelet or smart watch- choose with us!

    Everyone knows the current positive trend for healthy lifestyle and sports, and people have discovered that modern technology can help you with reaching your personal goals, measure the progress and after all even motivate you.

    Digital newbies are the best time and money saving mates that can help you also to avoid using the personal couch(in many cases). You can workout in your own style and rhythm using the useful features, such as heart rate monitor, calorie counting, blood pressure monitor, GPS, pedometer etc. And all this is just one smart device- smart watch or smart braselet(fitness bracelet).

    You will truly enjoy the convenience of taking your fitness tracker wherever you go right on your wrist. Moreover a smartband is a stylish wardrobe detail for dynamic active people.

    The choice you have to make before buying is which devices and functions meet your needs. Let`s say you choose between smart watch and a smart bracelet- let`s see what`s the difference.

    The difference between smart bracelets and watches.

    Smart bracelets are dedicated mostly to sport and health measurements including heart rate, burned calories, distance, and even sleep monitoring.

    Smart watch are designed as general purpose device that usually can track some fitness activities, but focused also on call and message notifications, some of them even give you an opportunity to use the browser and surf internet. 

    In our store you can find a great choice of smart watches and bracelets and even better- most of our models combine features of both types. Let’s check 4 options of our personal choice:


    Famous chinese high-quality brand introduces one of the first cheap smartband to desert the monochrome OLED show, as an alternative it uses an IPS colour display display. Amazfit Cor has a hint display interface rather than touch button that’s a welcome change for a smartband, it offers smooth get right of entry to menus, by way of easy faucet or swipe at the display screen.

    This model combines features of smart watch and fitness tracker:

    • Reflective Display Technology- great for outdoor workouts.
    • Heart Rate Monitor. Built-in PPG heart rate sensor.
    • Call Reminder and push instant notifications, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS. 
    • Waterproof: Professional Waterproof. 50 meters waterproof standard. No worries about getting it wet, it is shower and swimproof. (* for taking shower with hot water, please don't wear the band.)
    • Other Functions: Calendar, Passometer, Sleep Tracker, Remote Control, Activity Tracker, Alarm Clock, Fitness Tracker. The fitness tracker is intended for fitness and health and features three – axis acceleration sensor, heart rate monitor, additional features include are step counter, distance counter, calorie counter, sleep tracking, weather, alarm, timer, connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.1, the smartband can received call and message notifications and social app notifications.



    • 1.34 inch capacitive touch screen: With HD resolution 320 x 320 pixel, uses Corning Gorilla glass material, high-quality.
    • Reflective display technology: The dial is always bright without black screen. Perfect solution for oudoor workouts.
    • Bluetooth music: Can store 500 songs and play music via bluetooth earphone when running, easily complete sports goal in relaxing environment.                
    • GPS + Glonass: Can precisely track your daily movement, mileage, altitude, stride frequency, pace and other professional sports data, help you analyze and improve your sports level. 
    • Heart rate monitor: Built-in PPG heart rate sensor.
    • Call reminder and push notifications. Facebook, WhatsApp, lets you receive real-time info.      
    • More functions: Calendar, Remote Control, Noctilucent, Alarm Clock, Passometer, Sleep and Fitness Tracker,  24 hour instruction.
    • Long standby. 
    • Waterproof Grade: Life Waterproofl
    • App available.


    Dedicated fitness tracker with plenty of functions:

    • IP68 Professional waterproof. Up to 2 meters depth water protection.
    • Smart calls & messages reminder: Band to easily check the latest 3 new messages and you will not miss the important calls.
    • Dynamic heart rate: Professional dynamic heart rate sensor, monitor 1 times every 10 minutes,16 hour ECG. Able to set up vibration notifications.
    • GPS chip records the motion track: It can display the longitude and latitude coordinates, world time / date, altitude, speed of movement.
    • Support multiple modes of movement: Swimming, Walk, Run, Climb, Ride( heart rate, frequency, steps, calories, speed, pace, mileage, laps etc)
    • More function: Sedentary reminder, Sleep monitoring, Alarm clock, Activity detection, Pedometer.


    This is an amazing affordable budget model :

    • Top waterproof grade IP67.
    • Messages / Social apps (WhatsApp, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and etc) / Call vibration reminder (number display)
    • Real-time heart rate monitor: 24-hours dynamic heart rate detection, Built-in dynamic heart rate chips, recording Real-time recording the heartbeats
    • Most accurate blood pressure monitor.
    • Automatic sleep monitor: Automatically recognizes your sleeping status, sleep degree ( light sleep time, deep sleep time and awake hours)
    • Additional features: Time, Pedometer, Passometer, Calorie burning monitor, Distance, Workout duration, Remote Control, Alarm Clock, Activity Tracker.
    • App available.


    So you see, if you do a lot of sports or camping or other activities like that, We would recommend you a smart bracelet (fitness tracker). 

    Otherwise if you are business oriented and travel a lot for work, and do sports from time to time, you would love a wearable helper device such as a smart watch. Besides nowadays many smart watch include GPS tracker, heart rate monitor and more fitness tracking functions.

    As you see in our store we try to keep more models with mixed functions, so you don`t have a hard choice. 

    Bear in mind, that all smart bracelets and watches make specific measurements(blood pressure, heart rate) on the level of wearable devices, not medical ones. There may be a small deviation between your smart watch data and the dedicaded blood pressure meter for instance.



    Smartkat catamaran in action. Amazing performance!

    Smartkat catamaran in action. Amazing performance!

    15 Destinations You Should Definitely Not Visit With Parents

    15 Destinations You Should Definitely Not Visit With Parents

    Some vacations are meant for a family to enjoy so that you can go on some adventures and reconnect. While others, well, not so much. There are some places in the world where taking your parents for a vacation would be the worst idea you have ever had! And if you plan a trip alone or with your friends, some amount of lying (especially if your parents have been there, done that) will be required. Here are some vacation destinations that your parents will not approve of:

    15. Caracas, Venezuela

    Image source: wikimedia.org  

    Caracas’ chockablock traffic may make you pass it off as another crowded city. But like every coin has two sides, this city too has a side aloof from its rather unfavorable reputation. Referred to as the world’s most dangerous city, Caracas boasts of towering mountains covered in dense vegetation, yet making for the most adrenaline budging adventures. A blend of terrific adventure and a groovy nightlife, this place is best visited with similarly aged folks! 

    14. Hamburg, Germany

    Image source: wikipedia.org  

    European cities apart from their beauty can also be a little overwhelming for parents. Hamburg cannot go unmentioned with mentioning the very popular entertainment area of the city, the Reeperbahn. Essentially a place, flanked by some serious adult entertainment on either side of the street, you definitely do not want to be in an awkward position with your parents here. 

    13. Montreal, Canada

    Image source: wikimedia.org  

    Montreal a place that still retains the jazz culture very well may leave you amused you if you happen to visit with your parents. Additionally, an age limit of 18 for drinking, this place deserves some unrestricted fun, minus the parents! And if you do happen to be too wasted to go back, fret not. There are special public transports that run at peak hours of the night, into wee hours of the morning! 

    12. Cancun, Mexico

    Image source: flickr,com/Hugo Cadavez  

    If you are someone whose idea of fun is partying the entire day, add in some insanely picturesque beaches and a great lineup of DJs then Cancun is the place to be. Not sure, if your parents would agree to the same! Perhaps, late-night entertainment is best experienced by some vigor and youth. Get intoxicated and let the place take over you, like a charm. 

    11. Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh

    Image source: wikimedia.org  

    Shimla-Manali has certainly been family destinations for time eternal. But if you wish Himachal Pradesh a little beyond that with the parents, it could perhaps turn out to be a not-so-favorable experience. Lately, it’s a trend that has been catching with youngsters to explore the mountains for various reasons, but Tirthan Valley remains untouched by this trend. A beautiful place to dwell in some solitude.  

    10. Andaman Islands

    Image source: wikimedia.org  

    A place full of water sports, and lots of strolling around, Andaman’s also requires a rather overwhelming journey. Not only your parents get weary, you might just engulf them with something not so necessary. If you crave a fleet of adventure, scuba diving, and other water sports are big here, but chances are, the parents may just not allow you, forget them undertaking any. 

     9. Ladakh, Jammu, and Kashmir 

    Image source: pixabay.com  

    Ladakh does boast of surreal landscapes of a desert in the mountains; however, there are a ton of reason why you should definitely not visit this place with your parents. Some include- low oxygen, rough terrains, extreme climatic conditions and very poor mobile network. Also, bear in mind that this is a major biker destination, so instead why not take on this adventure with a group of friends. 

    8. Pushkar, Rajasthan

    Image source: pixabay.com  

    This might come as a surprise, but Pushkar requires a lot of traveling. If your parents are grumpy on traveling, this is certainly not the best place. And its bohemian vibe can well be experienced with the gang-a-tang instead of parents. With several desert camps, this place is in fact, a must with friends. Don’t miss the camel fair, in case you do go here. 

    7. San Pedro Sula, Honduras

    Image source: wikimedia.org  

    In your quest to travel to some offbeat place, you might come across Honduras, or more specifically San Pedra Sula. But give it some serious thought, given its reputation as one of the dangerous and criminal cities. Also, a lot of diseases like malaria are always on an epidemic here so you might want to skip this one for sure. 

    6. Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh

    Image source: wikiemedia.org  

    This quaint Himalayan town perched in the Kangra district has recently begun garnering attention given the brilliant opportunities to carry out some heavy adventure works, including paragliding! Hiking follows up the adventure activities here. Before you even contemplate a travel here, question yourself, what will your parents do here?!  

    5. Malana, India

    If you don't know what Malana is, Google it now. For parents who know what their kids are up to, this place will sound alarmed bells like none other and get you grounded for weeks. If you still haven't Googled it, Malana is the best hashish in the world. Although besides that Malana has spectacular views to offer, but I don't think any parent would buy that you're going just for that. Good luck convincing them! 

    Image Source: morisius cosmonaut/Flickr

    4. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

    Its the partying capital of the world and for good reason. During the day, you have the option of just lying down on its beautiful beaches, but it's during the night that Rio de Janeiro truly comes alive, especially if you visit the famous Copacabana Beach. The hottest nightclubs, the hottest parties and the hottest people (you'll see a lot of topless women here), Rio de Janeiro has everything.

    Image Source: free4kwallpaper.com


    3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

    This one is an absolute no-brainer if you don't live under a rock somewhere! Or in a pineapple under the sea. Amsterdam is the place to head to if you're interested in a little taste of the high life (if you know what we mean). There's also its famous red light area with live sex shows and prostitutes displayed in glass windows (What they show in the movie Queen is absolute, 100 percent real). Don't tell your parents!

    Image Source: Wikimedia Commons


    2. Las Vegas, USA 

    How could we not put Las Vegas in a list full of debauchery and decadence? Its the place to be when it comes to bachelor parties, getting broke at the casino, and drunken weddings (Remember Ross and Rachel in Friends?). Although prostitution is illegal here, escort services are plentiful. It is the original sin city and how! Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right guys? Here's the best way to enjoy 3 days in Las Vegas.

    Image Source: www.pixabay.com

    1. Pattaya, Thailand

    Pattaya has something to offer you, whatever your preference. And we mean whatever. Cheap drinks are aplenty and so are brothels. You can even watch cabaret shows, some performed by ladyboys. If such nightlife is not for you, you can even go to one of the several massage parlors that provide, umm, extra services. Go figure!

    Image Source: Aleksandr Zykov/Flickr



    (source: www.triphobo.com)

    Hidden in Antarctica 1.5 million penguins built a giant colony

    Hidden in Antarctica 1.5 million penguins built a giant colony

    Huge colonies of penguins have been discovered near an Antarctic peninsula where, according to preliminary estimates, more than 1.5 million birds are housed.

    Hidden in Antarctica 1.5 million penguins built a giant colony

    Researchers say this finding shows that the site is a vital refuge for climate change and human activities for wild creatures and should be protected. The huge numbers of Adélie penguins were found on the Danger Islands in the Weddell Sea, on the eastern side of the Antarctic Peninsula.

    It is a place extremely remote and inaccessible and rarely even visited by scholars. But scientists identified something interesting when they examined satellite images and decided to organize a research mission.

    Eventually, they returned after revealing 751,527 pairs of penguins. "This was an incredible experience - finding and counting as many penguins," said Tom Hart, of the University of Oxford and part of the international research team.

    The size of these colonies makes them extremely important and underlines the need for better and wider protection of the WWF's WWF's WWF Rod Downie area, said: "This exciting discovery shows us how much more still to learn about this amazing kind.

    However, it also strengthens the urgency of protecting Antarctic waters from the threats of overfishing and climate change. " The area proposed for protection is huge, almost five times the size of Germany, and it will prohibit fishing to protect species such as vows, blue whales, sea lions, and penguins.

    The MPA already has the support of several countries, including the United Kingdom, and will go before a conference of the Antarctic nations in October.