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    tripatricks shoutout — frequent traveler

    Rent a Catamaran in Lefkada: Sail with Smartkat Catamaran

    Rent a Catamaran in Lefkada: Sail with Smartkat Catamaran

    Now you can rent your Catamaran and sail the wonderful waters of Ionian Sea in Lefkada. tripatricks.com in partnership with Smartkat offer you the opportunity to live this adventure to the maximum at convenient (cheap/not expensive) prices, in areas of Lefkada like Vassiliki and Agios Ioannis or you name the place according to the weather and the daily wind direction.

    Lefkada island is a top destination in Greece, attracting many adventurous windsurfers and kite-surfers from around the world. The unique wind streams in the areas of Vassiliki and Agios Ioannis are a paradise for such activities and now it is the time for Catamaran lovers and for Smartkat Catamarans to join those waters too and to take the most of it.

    Rent a Catamaran in Lefkada: Sail with Smartkat Catamaran Vassiliki

    Vassiliki in Lefkada (South-West): The Greek Paradise for windsurfers


    Rent a Catamaran in Lefkada: Sail with Smartkat Catamaran Agios Giannis

     Agios Ioannis in Lefkada (North-East): The Greek Paradise for kite-surfers


    Smartkat is the "must" product for travel nomads, and it combines some unique features that will give you an amazing sense of sailing, like It consists of innovative/patented centerboard design,  Unique 6-Beaufort Wind Force Certification, Official DSV approval for regattas, and it is  Designed for single-handed transport/setup/sailing. The "Ready to Sail Package" consists of a manual  hand pump, replacement shackles, manometer, hull repair kit, and two waterproof transport bags. Time to set it up is 20 minutes and the time to collapse it and fold it back to the bags is 15 minutes. This is the amazing advantage of this catamaran.
    Rent a Catamaran in Lefkada: Sail with Smartkat Catamaran
    Check out the video of this unique collapsible Catamaran below, and get prepared for a unique adventure on the island of Lefkada on this vacation!
    Call us for availability and daily rental rates at: +30 6947818110


    Studies show that living near the sea improves your mental health.

    Studies show that living near the sea improves your mental health.

    There is a very important reason why we enjoy strolls near the sea. It's not just a romantic getaway or we spend our time pleasantly.

    This may be obvious to some, but it is supposed to have happened to live in nature on this planet. When we coexist with nature and live in homes that do not disturb it, then we are really in harmony with the planet, then we can turn the chaos of this planet. It makes no sense to put cement all over the rich flora of the earth.

    Researchers at Canterbury University in New Zealand and Michigan State University investigated the differences between blue and green spaces. Blue areas are areas that have large water bodies, places like beaches. Green areas are areas such as parks or forests.

    The information was gathered to evaluate stress and mood disorders. They took into account factors such as age and gender to ultimately find a correlation between people who looked at nature and positive mental health. The study is interesting, as the blue areas were much better, while the green ones are not, because many of our green spaces are in the cities and have cement among them. Green spaces do not have the same effect on your brain when they are full of artificial structures.

    When we are completely surrounded by a forest or by the sea without artifacts, then there is a dramatic positive effect on our mental wellbeing. We are not designed to sit in a computer chair for hours in concrete buildings. We have been built to move and live and have closely linked human communities.

    This information from the study can help to better design cities and incorporate nature into our artificial world. Basically, we need to change the design of society as to how we interact with each other.

    We should be able to exist in harmony with the planet so that we can have sustainability without destroying nature. It seems quite simple, but nature also has oil and gas that major industries give priority to them.

    If you are able, go out and explore the beautiful world of nature. Stop in a park if you live in the city, buy some plants to put around your home and bring nature into your life. They will clean the air and make you feel good in the place where you are.

    Living by the sea Tripatricks

    Poseidon Expeditions Applies Environmental Initiatives

    Poseidon Expeditions Applies Environmental Initiatives

    Poseidon Expeditions, an organization known for its Arctic and Antarctic cruise lines, is embracing an assortment of eco-accommodating activities went for ensuring marine, flying creature and creature life.

    In making the declaration, the organization said it needs its vessels to be "a piece of the arrangement, not the issue," alluding to the momentous measure of plastic currently littering the sea, executing marine life and dirtying sustenance that people eat.

    The new strategies, to be executed on board the organization's 114-traveler Sea Spirit, incorporate evacuating every single plastic straw and stirrers and supplanting them with paper straws; disposing of individual spread and jam bundles; utilizing eco-accommodating cleansers and introducing mass body wash, cleanser and cleanser containers to supplant singular plastic jugs.

    "We're all observing the horrible photographs of ocean tortoises, whales, and dolphins that have been misled by the storm of plastic in our seas. Liberating ourselves of our reliance on things like plastic drinking straws will go far toward enhancing the strength of our seas," said Nikolay Saveliev, proprietor, and leader of Poseidon Expeditions.

    Notwithstanding declaring its own endeavors to ensure nature and wipe out unsafe single-utilize plastics, the organization offered an assortment of professional dynamic measures its visitors can take when voyaging, among them:


    — Bringing reusable containers that can be refilled, as opposed to purchasing dispensable plastic jugs

    — Bringing body and magnificence items in reusable silicone jugs and tubes rather than smaller than normal single utilize bottles.

    — Using just individual items that are free of cruel synthetic substances and miniaturized scale dots that can wind up in water frameworks or noticeable all around. Search for natural fixings in reused bundling


    Poseidon Expeditions Environmental Initiatives Tripatricks

    In an effort to help protect the animals and marine life in the regions it visits, Poseidon Expeditions has just announced new eco-friendly policies aboard its 114-passenger Sea Spirit. (photo via Photodynamic/iStock/Getty Images Plus)


    However, another essential exertion being attempted by Poseidon Expeditions includes culinary specialists holding fast to rules prescribed by the Marine Stewardship Council for maintainability with respect to the kinds of fish served.

    Likewise, Saveliev underscored the significance of offering visitors off-send exercises that don't harm nature. He said kayaking, feathered creature viewing and photography journeys on Poseidon Expeditions' travels are composed not to leave any check. That incorporates keeping a sheltered separation from untamed life being watched and captured and securing the delicate widely varied vegetation environments in the solidified universes.

    Poseidon Expeditions joins a developing number of movement organizations that are taking proactive measures to address the issue of plastics dirtying the sea. A considerable rundown of organizations has made comparable declarations lately, notwithstanding actualizing totally without plastic travel agendas.

    An expected 8.8 million tons of plastic breeze up in our seas consistently, notwithstanding the in excess of five trillion bits of plastic assessed to as of now be littering the seas right now. The bigger bits of plastic harm, weaken, and slaughter untamed life, while the breaking down of plastic flotsam and jetsam and the assembling of microbeads are entirely harming marine environments.

    As per a report by the World Economic Forum, if nothing is done to push back against the downpour of plastics at present overpowering our seas, there could be more plastic in the seas than angle constantly 2050.

    How to Reach World Cup Cities From Moscow

    How to Reach World Cup Cities From Moscow

    Exploring a new country can get riskyparticularly in case it’s a country you have never been to, or you don’t talk its language exceptionally well. In the event that you’re headed to Russia for the 2018 FIFA World Cup and in case that you’re arranging to see the football matches in any of the other have cities, here’s your point by point direct on how to induce there from Moscow.

    There are a few common quirks to voyaging in Russia, all of which will be explained here. Underneath you’ll discover a nitty-gritty direct to getting to the particular World Cup areasIn the event that you're trying to find the precise train timetables, they can be found on the Russian Railways site (in English). Skyscanner could be a great asset for looking for cheap flights within Russia. Coach routes are worked by diverse suppliers. Yandex Timetables gives a great diagram of most of them (in Russian, but could be trapped if using online translation, so be careful).


    St. Petersburg

    Planes from Moscow to St.Petersburg withdraw from all of Moscow’s airplane terminals at slightest once each hour. The ticket cost drifts around $130 (on the off chance that the ticket is obtained a number of months in progress). The flight takes almost 90 minutes. 

    The trains from Moscow to St. Petersburg take off at slightest once each hour for Leningradsky and Kursky prepare stations (watch out and don’t get them confused, they’re found a couple of metro stations absent from each other!). You'll be able select between an standard prepare (the travel takes from 8-10 hours, the cheapest tickets, in the event that bought in progressfetched around $25: for that cost you get the upper bank in a third class carriage) and an express prepare (the travel takes from 3-4 hours, the cheapest tickets taken a toll around $50). In either case, you board the prepare within the middle of Moscow and you get to the middle of St. Petersburg.

    World Cup Cities - Tripatricks

    The Church of the Savior on Blood, St Petersburg | © Joachim Lang, Ulm/WikiCommons



    Kaliningrad is physically detached from the rest of Russia and this causes certain burdens in communication. Most of the Russian traveler visas are single-entry visas, making flying the as it were alternativeIn the event the ticket is obtained in advance, a one-way ticket from Moscow to Kaliningrad costs approximately $130-140 and there are at slightest a couple of flights to select from each day.

    prepare ticket from Moscow to St. Petersburg passes around the Baltic nations and goes through Belarus. The travel takes roughly 20 hours and the tickets can be as cheap as $35, but passing through the region of Belarus would exceptionally likely require getting a Belarussian travel visa (depending on your nation of beginning), as well as a multi-entry visa to Russia, which would, in turn, initiate extra costs and a ton of printed materialOn the off chance that you’re not excluded from visas in Russia and Belarus, a plane may well be a more sensible alternative.

    World Cup Cities Tripatricks

     Kaliningrad | © Aleksander Kaasik / Flickr



    A flight from Moscow to Samara as it were takes around 40 minutes and a one-way ticket (in case acquired in advance) can be taken a toll as small as $60 (that’s the cost for Aeroflot’s end of the week flights). There are four to six flights withdrawing from Moscow to Samara each day.

    There are at slightest four trains going from Moscow to Samara each day. The ticket can be taken a toll as small as $20 and the travel takes from 13-20 hours. An incredible choice for those fascinated by eating up in Russian landscapes.

    transport travel from Moscow to Samara takes approximately 14 hours and costs almost $25. The transport ticket costs tend to vary less depending on the time of the flight, so it is a choice to consider when all other implies of transport ended up as well as expensive.

    World Cup Cities Tripatricks

    Church of George Victorious | ©ansharphoto / Shutterstock



    Kazan could be a prevalent visitor goal in Russia. The flight takes around 90 minutes, the ticket (depending on the day of the week and on the off chance that obtained in progress) costs from $50 to $150.

    prepare travel from Moscow to Kazan takes from 11-13 hours. The ticket costs begin from $15 (and depend on the area of your bunk bed). The trains leave from Kazanskii station on Komsomolskaya Square.

    transport travel from Moscow to Kazan takes almost 12 hours and costs around $25. The buses depart from Moscow twice a day (within the nights) and arrive in Kazan the next morning. Once more, it is an alternative or those who are as well late for any other option.

    World Cup Cities Tripatricks

    Kazan Kremlin / Qolşärif | © Dmitry Boyarin/ Flickr


    Nizhny Novgorod

    There are four to five flights from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod each day. The flight takes almost 90 minutes and costs from $50 to $150, depending on the day of the week (the end of the week is the time to go).

    The trains from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod leave from Moscow’s Yaroslavsky and Kurskiy prepare stations. Make beyond any doubt to triple-check your station of flight, as they happen to be a couple of metro stations separated. The travel takes from 3.5-6.5 hours, depending on the sort of prepare you selectOn the off chance that bought in progress, the ticket can be fetched as small as $15. 

    The buses from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod leave nearly every hour. The ticket costs begin from $17 and the travel takes around 6 hours. The buses withdraw from Scholkovskaya or Cherkizovskaya metro stations.

    World Cup Cities Tripatricks

    Bolshaya Pokrovskaya at night, a perfect film set | © Yuri Lebedev / WikiCommons



    Flying to Volgograd is cheap and simple: it takes almost 2 hours and costs approximately $60 (in the event that the ticket is bought in progress). There are five planes flying from Moscow to Volgograd each day.

    If you choose to go from Moscow to Volgograd by prepare, you'll select between a long-distance prepare with bunk beds and an express prepare with conventional seats. The travel from Moscow to Volgograd takes from 20 to 24 hours and the ticket costs begin from as small as $25 for a third-class bunk bed. The trains to Volgograd leave from Paveletsky station, effectively open from the brown and green metro lines. 

    transport travel from Moscow to Volgograd can be long and critical: it takes from 15-18 hours, depending on the time of the day and the bus’s correct course. The tickets fetched from $25 to $35. The buses take off exceptionally habitually but from unfathomably diverse parts of the city. Let the transport be your final alternative in the event that everything else fails.

    World Cup Cities Tripatricks

    The Motherland Calls, Volgograd I © Edmund Gall / Flickr | © Edmund Gall/Flickr



    There is one plane a day flying from Moscow’s Domodedovo airplane terminal to Saransk. It leaves within the late evening and, depending on the day of the week, costs from $50 to $80.

    prepare trip from Moscow to Saransk can be as cheap as $12 on the off chance that you’re willing to sit through the 8.5-9.5 hour travel. The cheapest bunk beds can be taken a toll from $26 to $35. The trains to Saransk leave from Kazanskii prepare station at Komsomolskaya square. There are as it were two trains from Moscow to Saransk per day, so make beyond any doubt to induce your tickets early.

    transport travel to Saransk takes around 13 hours and costs almost $20. The buses withdraw from Sholkovskaya metro station three times a day.

    World Cup Cities Tripatricks

    Cathedral of Fyodor Ushakov, Saransk | © Savelo / WikiCommons


    Yekaterinburg could be an exceptionally well-known place. The flight takes almost 2.5 hours and costs around $60. There are numerous coordinate flights clearing out from Moscow’s Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo airports.
    Yekaterinburg is one of the farthest World Cup areas. The prepare trip takes a day and 5-8 hours. The bunk bed tickets fetched approximately $45. The trains to Yekaterinburg take off from numerous distinctive prepare stations in Moscow, so make beyond any doubt to triple-check your ticket some time recently flight.
    World Cup Cities Tripatricks


    Rostov-on-Don is around 2-hour flight absent from Moscow. The planes leave numerous times per day from all of Moscow’s airplane terminals. The tickets could take a toll almost $60 on the off chance that bought in advance.

    Train Rostov-on-Don may be a day prepare ride absent from Moscow. The bunk bed costs begin from $40. The trains to Rostov-on-Don withdraw from diverse prepare stations in Moscow, so keep in mind to triple-check your ticket!

    A coach travel from Moscow to Rostov-on-Don takes around 15 hours and costs from $20. The buses to Rostov-on-Don leave exceptionally habitually from different, but unfathomably diverse areas in Moscow.

    World Cup Cities Tripatricks

    Statue of Alexander Pushkin in Rostov-on-Don | © Rost.galis / WikiCommons



    Sochi may be an exceptionally popular holiday place. There are at slightest some flights there per day, withdrawing from Vnukovo and Sheremetyevo air terminals. The flight takes 2.5 hours and costs from $50 to $80.

    Train Sochi is 24 hours by prepare absent from Moscow. There are three trains a day taking guests there. The cheapest bunk bed tickets fetched almost $43 (on weekdays, costs go up a small on the ends of the week). The trains to Sochi withdraw from Kurskii and Kazanskii prepare stations: keep in mind to triple-check your ticket!

    World Cup Cities Tripatricks

    Sochi | © bolotina-o / Pixabay


    Make World Cup an adventure

    BlaBlaCar may be an exceptionally prevalent mode of transportation in Russia. On the off chance that you’d like to meet the local people and drive over Russian wide open in a little bunch, as well as spare a dime or two, certainly consider that choice. As a matter of truth, Russians bum a ride apart and the drivers are amazingly accommodating and liberalcontinuously willing to appear the misplaced visitors around. If hitchhiking is your thing, Russia may be a idealize put to enjoy in it.

    A List of things you must avoid in Santorini

    A List of things you must avoid in Santorini

    Each summer, thousands of individuals run to the marvelous island of Santorini. The white houses with blue entryways secured in staggering bougainvillea, the nightfall, the well of lava, and the caldera are a few of the reasons why the island has ended up such a well-known goal over the past decade. But there are a few things a guest ought to never do in Santorini. Discover out what they are underneath.


    Don’t stay only in Oia

    The dazzling town of Oia, at the northern tip of the island, is verifiably one of the foremost shot places in Greece, and rightly so. But there's much more to Santorini than its caldera view and the romantic nightfall. The island is the place of plenty of picturesque villagesold destinationsdazzling and unique bays and indeed wineries worth finding past the blue-domed whitewashed churches of Oia—make beyond any doubt to explore and to discover.

    View of the caldera

    View of the caldera | © Mariamichelle / Pixabay


    Don’t break the bank on a dinner for the view

    The run the show in Santorini is that you just pay more for the area and a see than for the nourishment. Yes, a few of the beat eateries advertising impressive sees over the ocean are, in reality, worth it, but they shouldn’t be the as it were places where you feast. A scrumptious supper by the ocean in Akrotiri or with a see of the dark sand shoreline of Perissa may be fair as delightful and taken a toll you less than in Oia or Fira.

    Don’t step into the common "visitor traps"

    dusk voyage or a mule ride may all sound good—well perhaps not the mule ride—but more regularly than not, you'll conclusion up paying a parcel to be pressed in a cruising vessel with enormous swarms fair to appreciate the see or the nightfall whereas you'll comfortably be sitting on a chair in Imerovigli. Whereas cruising around the well of lava isn't a terrible thing, not doing it won’t make your visit any less spectacular.

    Donkeys heading up to Fira

    Donkeys heading up to Fira | © Randy Connolly / Flickr

    Don’t climb at someone’s private house to induce the view

    Every day amid the crest season, thousands of tourists run to Oia within the evening to discover the extreme spot to observe as the sun sets on the ocean and colors the sky with warm tones. More regularly than not, individuals sit for hours sometime recently the appear to secure a great spot, now and then overstep. Avoid that, please!


    Don’t think of Oia as a unique place for the sunset

    Speaking of the duskwhereas Oia is irrefutably one of the leading places to observe it, it isn't the as it were one. There are bounty of alternatives over the island where you'll hang out and appreciate the appear, without venturing on somebody else’s toes.

    Sunset at the Akrotiri Lighthouse

    Sunset at the Akrotiri Lighthouse | © skeeze / Pixabay

    Don’t think Santorini is like Mykonos

    There could be a reason why Santorini is considered one of the foremost sentimental islands in Greece and could be the best goal for weddings. As such, the island regularly pulls in couples and not essentially party dudes like in Mykonos or Ios. Whereas you'll discover clubs and bars in Kamari and Fira or listen to loud music on Perissa bay, but you shouldn’t anticipate these to be all-night ragers.

    Don’t be perplexed to investigate the less known side of the island

    Yes, Santorini is genuinely a one of a kind island with incredible sees and beautiful villages by the volcanic caldera with a great view! But there are so numerous things you'll see and do other than sitting by the inn pool or shopping in Fira. For case, step back in time with a visit to antiquated Akrotiri, and halt by the Exhibition hall of Ancient Thera and the archeological gallery in Fira to memorize approximately this very very old civilization. Furthermore, you should take a wine visit or a cooking lesson, and investigate the covered up inlets and bays close the air terminal.

    White Beach, Santorini, Greece

    White Beach, Santorini, Greece | © Ernest McGray, Jr. / Flickr

    Don’t spoil your time seeking out for the ideal photo-shot

    Nowadays with grow of Instagram and the rest of social media, a well numerous of individuals make is to center their time on capturing the foremost beautiful and shocking photographs of Santorini instead of luxuriating within the bliss of simply being there. Don’t spend your time on your phone correcting photographs sometime recently posting them online. Fair appreciate the truth merely are there. Allowedyou will never get another chance to visit, but no one can take those incredible recollections you make there absent from you. Innovation, on the other hand, is less solid.

    Santorini sunset

    Santorini sunset | © Dean Sas / Flickr

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