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Liverpool becomes first city to open fast walking lanes

Liverpool becomes first city to open fast walking lanes

A total of 69% of 16 to 24 year-olds support the plan - compared to just 37% of over-55s.

By Will Grice I @WillGrice


Liverpool becomes first city to open fast walking lanes

Britain’s first ever fast pedestrian lane has opened in Liverpool city center - following research that claims 47% of the nation finds slow-walking the most annoying aspect of high-street shopping. 

Opening on the city's St John Street, the fast lanes will allow users to speed through the crowds while perusing the three-story Liverpool One shopping center. 

The research, conducted by Argos, also revealed shoppers hated battling through crowds, people chatting in the middle of the street and pavement hoggers.


However, it seems the idea of fast lanes is more popular with younger shoppers than the old, as 69% of the 16 to 24 year-olds surveyed were in favor of fast lanes, while only 37% of over-55s backed the plan.

The most popular reason for supporting the lanes was to avoid wasting time, with 31 percent of shoppers saying they were annoyed by people blocking the pavement.

People checking phones was also a frustration for 18 percent of those surveyed. 

In 2014, National Geographic conducted a social experiment by introducing separate lanes for pedestrians who wanted to use mobile phones and those who didn't, the Daily Mail reported.

Although some people stopped to take pictures of the markings - on their mobile phones - they were mostly ignored.



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