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The Journey of the Day: Greenland through a stunning 4K video

The ice land through Stefan Forster's lens The Journey of the Day: Greenland through a stunning 4K video. He has been traveling around the world for about 10 years to capture the most unusual places, and he is particularly interested in source Tripatricks

The ice land through Stefan Forster's lens

Stefan Forster is a photographer from Austria. He has been traveling around the world for about 10 years to capture the most unusual places, and he is particularly interested in sources of light, clouds and sunsets. The following video, which turned to frozen Greenland, recently released it on its YouTube channel.


Just see it


He says: "Greenland - I have been traveling for eight years in this magical country. In the days, quiet and untouched parts are becoming more and more rare. During my first visit there, I was thrilled by the incredible power of nature that can be felt everywhere. But in the last few years things have changed. The amount of icebergs is growing rapidly. The glaciers I see come down not meters but miles every year and the amount of ice seems to be endless.

There is nothing more beautiful than an iceberg, each is unique and the light, reflecting on its surface, is magical. It is regrettable that in an iceberg one can see both beauty and wear. This film is an ice icing the most amazing state of water, for me.


The ice land through Stefan Forster's lens The Journey of the Day: Greenland through a stunning 4K video Tripatricks


 The Backstage

For this short film I traveled several times to Greenland with my drone. Always with the goal of achieving a particular area in a particular light state. The downloads from my glacier took me 4 days and at Eqi Glacier I loaded my battery more than 70 times for just four seconds a shot I used.

It is very difficult to capture at the right moment on a front about 6 km long, especially close by. But the most difficult thing is that every 2-3 minutes the difference between the magnetic north and the geographic north (which is not the same part, especially so close to the North Pole) causes a p-gps flight error and the drone disorientates and flies away. But in the end, every flight is worth it. Recording icebergs above is one of the most beautiful things I've ever done. In addition, I used the drone to trace the landing point and look for polar bears. It's better for bears and for people not to meet each other. "


You can see more from Stefan Forster in his YouTube Channel

Must cities to travel in November and December

Must cities to travel in November and December

Check out this wrap-up of Europe’s best destinations for November and December, and book your tickets for this autumn-winter break!


Must cities to travel in November and December - Tripatricks

Tenerife: Tenerife is one of Europe’s most reliable destinations for winter sun, with the island enjoying average November temperatures of 20C. As the largest island of the archipelago, you’ll find an excellent choice of accommodation in the resorts of the Costa Adeje and Playa de las Americas. And the sun-drenched fun doesn’t end there. There’s plenty of action and adventure to be found in the challenging hiking trails of the beautiful Mount Teide Natural Park. 


Must cities to travel in November and December

Marrakech: Set on the edge of the Sahara, with its mix of colourful souks, palatial riads and exotic flavours, Marrakech is about as far away from a chilly November at home as you can imagine.  For a city break and beach holiday rolled into one, spend a few days in Marrakech before soaking up the sunshine and laid-back surf vibes of nearby towns such as Taghazoute, Tamraght or Essaouira.


Must cities to travel in November and December

Athens:  Leave winter woolies at home and look forward to a warm weekend getaway in beautiful Athens.  Lively cafés and quirky rooftop bars await in the trendy neighbourhoods of Monastiraki and Psirri, while mild weather means you can comfortably explore the iconic sites of the Acropolis and the Parthenon.


Must cities to travel in November and December

Gran Canaria: The island has waved adiós to sizzling summer highs, but Gran Canaria is still looking infinitely more inviting than home, with temperatures hovering around the 21C mark and accommodation rates much cheaper than at peak season. And with fewer crowds, you’ll have the pick of the sun loungers on the beautiful beaches of Maspalomas. Happy days.


Must cities to travel in November and December

Amsterdam: It’s jingle all the way in Amsterdam, when Saint Nicholas drops into town on November 15th. Forget Rudolph and Co., this Santa Claus makes his grand entrance by ship before trotting through the streets of the city on a white horse. Every year around 400,000 people turn out to catch a glimpse of the big man and grab a share of the special cookies and sweets, thrown by his army of 600 ‘Black Peters’.


Must cities to travel in November and December

Oslo: Jet into the Norwegian capital, then plot an adventure to Svalbard, Hammerfest or the Lofoten Islands – these are generally considered the best spots to catch a glimpse of the beautiful, but elusive Northern Lights. With Norway’s trains, boats, good roads and small airports on your side, you’ve every chance of crossing the Aurora Borealis off your bucket list.


Must cities to travel in November and December

Prague: Wrap up warm, grab a cup of mulled wine and check out the spectacular Christmas tree on the Old Town Square and the festive log cabins selling Christmas tree decorations, wooden toys and local crafts. Don’t forget your camera. The Czech capital’s Christmas market is nothing short of picture-perfect.


Must cities to travel in November and December

Fuerteventura:  With a location just over 100km off the coast of North Africa, Fuerteventura is the closest of the Canary Islands to Africa. On average you can expect highs of 24C in November.  Catch some waves in Corralejo, take a hike up one of the volcanoes or just kick back in the sunshine and forget about December’s chilly weather at home. 


Must cities to travel in November and December

Cervinia, Italy: Shoop. Shoop. The mountains are calling. Fly to Turin or Milan Bergamo and hit the slopes of Cervinia on the southern side of the Matterhorn. Here you’ll find some of the best early snow in Europe, with 10 separate ski runs and plenty of alternative winter fun including ice karting, air-boarding and snow-scootering. 


Must cities to travel in November and December

Berlin: Start the new year as you mean to go on – Berlin is home to some of the best New Year’s Eve celebrations in all of Europe. Around a million locals and visitors pack into its Party Mile every year, a dedicated route filled with music, fireworks and open-air celebrations.



An Underwater Ghost Town in Lake Minnewanka

An Underwater Ghost Town in Lake Minnewanka

Lake Minnewanka is one of the foremost excellent attractions of Banff National Park, but only very few of its guests know that is that this amazing lake is covering up a captivating mystery underneath its surface: a submerged ghost town.


Minnewanka Landing once was a flourishing resort town

In the mid-1800s, there was a town called Minnewanka Landing where the 13-mile-long Lake Minnewanka sits nowadaysIndividuals would visit the well-known resort town, which sat on the edge of a much littler adaptation of today’s lake, from adjacent Calgary. Guests would go on pontoon trips over the lake and appreciate the town’s innsbungalows, and restaurants.


The story and the change

Things started to alter in 1895, concurring to Parks Canada. A dam was built on Devil's Creek to “improve the lake’s shoreline,” with another dam taking after in 1912 in the Devil's Canyon. Built by the Calgary Electricity Company, the moment dam’s reason was water capacityShockingly, the moment dam raised the water level by 3.5 meters (12 feet), which driven the Devil's Creek getting to be flooded. At the starting of World War II, the Calgary Control Company required to extend its hydroelectric control. So beneath the War Measures Act, a third dam (which is still shown in Banff National Stop nowadays) was developed. It was this dam that raised the water level 30 meters (98 ft) and comes about within the whole resort town, the 1912 dam, and a bridge at Fallen angels River getting to be totally submerged.

Parks Canada prehistorian Charge Perry told the Smithsonian magazine that amid World War II everybody was hungry for control over the area. “Calgary and the encompassing range were developing significantly amid that point in time and required more control, so Lake Minnewanka was seen as a simple end.”



The Ghost Town

Minnewanka Landing is presently found 18 meters (60 ft) underneath the lake’s surface. The glacier-fed and frigid waters of Lake Minnewanka have luckily protected the town well. Scuba jumpers have the opportunity to see real cabins (with intaglio windows), leftovers of the old lodging, and wharves. Nowadays, around 8,000 scuba jumpers a year visit Lake Minnewanka to see the submerged apparition town for themselves.

Underneath the surface, scuba jumpers can moreover see a local campsite for thousands of a long time priorArcheologists have found stick focuses and sharpened stones in later a long timeOver Minnewanka Landing, the lake proceeds to be a favorite put for vessel cruises and kayaking enterprises within the summertime. 

 Lake Minnewanka Tripatricks





















The most impressive swimming pool in the world is in Italy!

The most impressive swimming pool in the world is in Italy!

Close to Heaven ". So advertised on its website, Hotel Hubertus, in southern Tyrol, Italy. And not unfairly. Visitors have the opportunity to experience a strange experience: To swim 12 meters from the ground.

In a swimming pool. And through her glass bottom to see it. To "fall" to the earth without falling!

The most impressive pool in the world Tripatricks

The most impressive pool in the world Tripatricks


The hotel is located at the foot of Kronplatz (Dolomites) and was recently renovated. During the renovation, NOA Architecture Office (Network of Architecture) supported a pool of 12 meters in recesses of logs of local trees without their bark.


The most impressive pool in the world Tripatricks


Part of its bottom is glass. Its dimensions are 25 meters long, 5 meters wide and 1.3 meters deep.


It's heated. The brave swimmer, with the help of the stone frame, has the feeling that water disappears into infinity. "The location of the swimming pool, which floats at a height of 12 meters from the ground, at the edge gives the swimmer the feeling of being hung, without weight.




Amsterdam sets fines on tourists for disrespectful and anti-social behavior

Amsterdam sets fines on tourists for disrespectful and anti-social behavior

Amsterdam is one of the most popular destinations in Europe thanks to its multicultural atmosphere and also the broader liberties allowed by Dutch laws. 

The city is facing serious problems from tourists who often vandalize or exhibit anti-social behavior under the influence of alcohol or other substances. For this reason, municipal authorities have severely imposed fines and launched a campaign asking foreign visitors to "rethink it" before committing any disaster.

The campaign "Fun and Respect", in cooperation with local police and health structures, warns tourists about the strict fines on any anti-social behavior in the city of Amsterdam. Umbilication in public places is punished with direct fines of EUR 140 while public anti-social behavior due to drunkenness will now cost criminals 95 euros!


New visitors from Britain and Denmark

According to city authorities, most of the problems are usually caused by young tourists from Britain and Denmark aged 18-34 who adopt excessive behavior. Local police officers have already been supplied with special machines for the on-site delivery of a fine to offenders after identifying their details. "It's a bold move towards excessive behavior," says Amsterdam Marketing CEO Franz van der Avert.

Amsterdam Limits Excessive Behavior - Tripatricks

"Are you throwing trash? 140 euro on the street, in the bucket for free »

"Many campaigns that simply ban things just do not work. Visitors are welcome but should treat our city and its inhabitants with respect ". For designing ads, the authorities acted collectively as they consulted psychologists, police officers, tour operators, and residents. 


Mobile Alerts through SMS

The six-month advertising campaign, costing 225,000 euros, includes electronic listings, as well as forecasting and airport posters. But perhaps the most pioneering feature of all is targeted messages to smartphones of all users entering bulk tourists' points and "red bands" recorded by most vandalism.

Through GPS, an automated system that does not threaten sensitive user data, sends anonymous, warning messages to visitors approaching the Red Light District area, the Central Station and the streets with most nightclubs. 


A "strict restrictions package" to be applied 

Fines are not the only move of the authorities. Two weeks ago, the new municipal authorities announced a series of stringent measures to protect the city. In this context, Airbnb was forbidden in various areas of the city, several cruise ships were diverted from the port and many tourist coaches were trafficked out of Amsterdam's roads so that the city did not end up as a "Disney theme park", as said by the municipal authorities.

At the same time, the increase in tourism taxes to 7% is expected to bring about $ 105 million a year to be used to boost policing on the streets of the city. "Yes, you can look at the ladies in the" Red Light District "and buy sex. You can smoke a joint cigarette and drink alcohol. But please be quiet and do not leave your garbage back or hang around in the middle of the road, "says Pim Evers of the Hospitality Association.

However, there are also many who fear that the fines and the campaign are not enough. Stephen Hoods, the founder of the independent think tank Amsterdam in Progress, thinks that only by limiting the numbers of tourists and flights will something really change. Last year the average stay time for tourists increased by 13%. "It's a city where freedom is important and we have to accept some degree of annoyance, but the situation is out of control," Houdows says. "Tourists are too many and we need to take drastic measures otherwise we will end up being a" ghetto of consumption "rather than a city where people live." 

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