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Book Private tours & Adventure Tours in Lefkada

Book Tailor-Made Private Tours in Lefkada

Book different private tours and tailor-made experiences during your stay in Lefkada island in Greece. Lefkada is a great destination with a big environmental diversification (amazing beaches and green nature upon the mountains) for unforgettable tours and adventures.


Book Tailor-Made Private tours 

The high mountains of Lefkada and the majestic light blue color and golden sand beaches are a great place for tailor-made tours such as:

    In such a way you can have a total perspective of the island of Lefkada, the villages and the canyons the forest and the beaches, together with photo shooting and wine tasting. 


    Book Adventure Private Tours

    Tripatricks also offers you the opportunity to book online private tours by combining our private tour and adventure activities like: 

    • scuba diving or snorkeling 

    • kitesurfing

    • windsurfing 

    • paragliding 

    • sea kayaking

    In such a way you can combine a tour with your preferred activity with another beach or spot, wine tasting, and photo shooting, and make up a day full of action and adventure in Lefkada.

    Please note that the part of your activity will be semi-private, as you might have to follow a greater team during the part of the activity.


    Book Lessons and Classes

    Adding to the above the long history and the tradition of the area, you can easily find out that Lefkada is a top destination for cooking lesson tours with secret old recipes hidden well over the years in the traditional villages of the mountains of Lefkada. 

    Book online your adventure in the comfort of your sofa by paying only the deposit!

    If you are coming from the European Union and wish to pay in EUR please book our tours and activities on our homepage right below the slideshow.


    Book online private boat tours and house rentals in Lefkada.


    Book tailor-made private tours, adventure outdoor activities, Cooking classes & Lessons in Lefkada. Plan your holiday adventures Lefkada Book Online wine tours, photo tours, kitesurfing, windsurfing, paragliding, sea kayaking, hiking, biking, trekking, 4x4, private tours in Lefkada. Book online Pay only deposit
    Book Private tours & Adventure Tours in Lefkada – tripatricks