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    Smart Watches

    Smart Watches

    On Tripatricks we believe that a happy and successful travel has to be well timed. The time is always limited when traveling and the time schedule is mostly strict and tight, as there is no space for mistakes and delays, if you want to avoid paying the extra money. For that reason, we are excited to introduce you our range of smart-watches. They are multifunctional smart-watches equipped with the latest apps to run on every type of software like Android, IOS etc. We have collected some new, unique pieces, of outstanding quality in great prices, in order to give you more time organizing and also to support you on other functions, like step pedometers, burn calories etc.  Most of our pieces come to you with 2 years of warranty.

    You can browse below, or please ask a member of our team to assist you. We offer free shipping to Europe, USA, Australia, Russia.

    Please read our Delivery Terms to check your country's shipping rates.

    Smart Watches – tripatricks