Smartkat Catamarans

Smartkat Catamarans

Tripatricks is proud of being an official partner of Smartkat, the lightest inflatable performance sailing catamaran in the market.

Smartkat is the must product for travel nomads, and for those who want to combine outdoor adventure with sports and fitness. Take it with you everywhere. Sail in lakes or in the sea everywhere in the world, or even adjust an external motor and simply convert it to a dinghy. Fit it in just 2 bags with less than 50kgr of total weight. The dimensions of the bags are designed to the airlines' standards. With all the above under consideration, Smartkat is a permanent company in your holiday or outdoor activity.

Smartkat combines some unique features that will give you an amazing sense of sailing, as It consists of innovative/patented centerboard design, Unique 6-Beaufort Wind Force Certification, Official DSV approval for regattas, and it is Designed for single-handed transport/setup/sailing. The "Ready to Sail Package" consists of a manual hand pump, replacement shackles, manometer, hull repair kit, and two waterproof transport bags. 

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Smartkat Catamarans have fast shipping to Norway, England, Scotland, Wales, France, Belgium, Portugal, Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary,  Slovakia, Croatia, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Australia, United States of America, Canada New Zealand, South Africa.  

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