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    Find Motorboats, Speedboats, Ribs to Rent

    Motorboats, Speedboats, Ribs to Rent by Tripatricks. You can now rent with us a boat speedboat or motorboat, a rib, a zapcat, a Smartkat catamaran.

    This new local charter boat service offers you the flexibility you need. Pickups and drop-offs of the boats can take place not only from the marina but from a point of your convenience.  It is a complete - boat rentals near me - service. 

    Fishing boat rentals are also included, for another type of adventure. You will also get the training and if you are lucky enough, you can return with enough fish for your dinner.  

    Enjoy your adventure! Wear your life jackets and GO!

    We are networking with the best professional boat owners, in order to provide you with great experiences and a top-quality service during your holiday.


    Boat Rentals Lefkada   

    Boat Rentals Tripatricks Adventure

    *For speedboats (above 40HP engine), the appropriate driving license is required by the law for Greece. Boat rentals regarding motorboats (below 40HP engine) do not require a driving license. You will receive a 15-minute lesson and you will be instructed on the basics of driving, mooring etc.
    **Check the status of the rates before booking. In most cases, the rates are non-refundable but will show clearly at the bottom of the description.
    Boat Rental - Motorboats, Speedboats, Ribs – tripatricks