Find a low budget traditional stone house rental, and plan easy your next trip to Greece and the Greek islands in the best way

You can easily find low budget stone house rentals like cottages, village Apartments to Rent for your adventure during your holidays in Greece. Live like a local and experience the adventure and serene of the countryside of Greece and the Greek islands.


Find the best budget classic cottages, village houses, apartments to rent by locals, and plan the best trip to Greece

The rent in Greece during the summer might range from 50 euros per night to a few thousands, according to the place that you are visiting, and the type of accommodation or hotel that you are staying. For example a luxury room in the high season comparing to a village house by a local can have some thousands in difference.

But you can always find a good price to rent a house on your holiday in Greece.

Athens, Mykonos, Santorini are the most popular destinations to visit in Greece, in terms of cost per night. But inarguably all prices rise up during the summer months, and in order to find a good value for money you'll have to book some months in advance

Rethymno, Chania, OiaCorfu Town and Monemvasia are just perfect for a city break or a proper holiday trip, and romance.

Another factor of the price range is seasonality. Greece has tourism throughout the year, but from November to April you will find the best prices to rent a house in the islands. Because Athens is more popular during the winter, it is more likely to find more stable prices through the year.

In any case, you always check for non-refundable rates from time to time, but be careful, as you have to be 100% sure that you are finally going.

The adventure stone house rentals are always the alternative low cost solution for a multi day stay, holiday adventures in Greece.  

Find the ultimate low budget stone house rentals in Greece, book the best traditional village rentals by locals, and explore:




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