Find low budget motor and speed boats to rent and plan your tailor made holiday adventure in Lefkada

Rent a motor boat in low price in Nidri, Perigiali Vasiliki during your holidays in Lefkada with no license needed by the law. Sail the Princess islands of Lefkada, like Madouri, Skoprios and Meganisi, and explore hidden beaches to swim.

Rent a speedboat with license, and sail further. Explore the west coast beaches of Lefkada, visit Ithaca and Kefalonia, or sail to Atokos, Kalamos or Kastos. If you do not have a license you can get a speedboat tour with skipper instead.  

This is the most independent an autonomous way to spend your day on the island.

You can disembark from many different points like Lefkada, Nidri, Vasiliki, depending on the availability or the area that you stay


Find low budget boat rentals, and explore Lefkada in the best way!  


Find below how to rent a boat in Lefkada in low price

Rent a boat in Lefkada with different pick up points. If you are still staying away from the pick up points, try to find a taxi, a transfer, or a connecting bus, and be as early as possible. 


Low budget boat rentals in Perigiali

Rent a boat in low price in Perigiali. Don't spend time inside the traffic of Nidri. Instead, divert Nidri by the ring road if you are coming from the south, or find Perigiali at 3 km before the entrance of Nidri coming from the north. The waters here are calm and amazing for sailing.   


Low budget boat rentals in Nidri

Rent a boat in low prices in Nidri. Come early in the morning in order to find parking easy. Nidri has a narrow port road and ferry point to Ithaca, Meganisi and Kefalonia and it gets really packed with traffic. Nidri has also really calm waters to sail the day.


Low budget boat rentals in Sivota

Rent a boat in low price in Sivota. Find boat rental pick ups in Sivota, if you are staying in the south part of Lefkada. From here you will have smaller motor boat rides as you can visit the gulf area and some closeby beaches. The weather gets rough in the afternoon so it is good to be inside the gulf if you are on a motorboat. Speedboats have no problem with summer weather.   


Low budget boat rentals Vasiliki

Rent a boat in low price in Vasiliki. Find a boat to rent in Vasiliki if you are staying in the southwest part of the island. Again the boat ride will be around the gulf of Vasiliki and the closeby beaches due to the weather. Again you are fine if you are on a speedboat.  



Budget boat rentals in Lefkada


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